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Jun 30, 2011 at 09:56 AM

Migrate SAP GRC AC 5.3 SP13 (System A -> System B)


Hello all,

currently we have setup 2 SAP GRC AC 5.3 SP13 SAP instances (DEV / PRD) for the customer's SAP ERP system landscape. Those systems also contain some customer business functionality.

Because of business requirements the PRD Java Instance needs to be deleted and built up again from scratch with another WebAS Java Release Version (same SID, same Hardware, etc.).

Our plan is now to setup a dedicated Java instance which will contain the PRD installation of SAP GRC AC (new SID, different hardware, etc.) to avoid similar problems in the future. Therefore we have to migrate all of the RAR data from the "old" Java instance to the newly setup Java system. We especially need to migrate all of the RAR analysis data (e.g. SoD violation analyses of previous months, etc.), otherwise we would loose all of this information when the "old" installation is deleted and built up again.

I have checked all of the SAP documentation for SAP GRC AC 5.3 and only found these clues:

In document "SAP GRC AC 5.3 Configuration Guide v3.16 - Chapter Utilities -> Export Utility / Import Utility" it only says

something about exporting / importing rule sets, mititgating controls, etc. Can these tools also be used to export / import

analysis data too ?

In document "SAP GRC AC 5.3 Installation Guide v2.2 - Chapter Post-System Copy Configuration" it only says something about

steps to be executed if the SAP GRC AC installation was done via system copy. But there is no information about migrating RAR analysis data.

In document "SAP GRC AC 5.3 Operations Guide v2.1 - 7.2 Backup strategies" it says that in order to restore the system "you need to back up all tables with the following prefixes: VIRSA and VT". Can we simply do a backup of all of those tables, import

them into the database of the new system and the use the export/import utility to move all of the configuration etc. from the old system to the new one ?



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