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Jun 30, 2011 at 09:54 AM

Delta load for lookup DSO...


Hi gurus,

I have this delta scenario:

DSO A consolidates and look up records from DSO B and C to the target DSO X. My question: if there are deltas in DSO C, how are these reflected in DSO A?

A pseudo example:

DSO A: doc_id, item_id, amount

DSO B: doc_id, customer_id, delivery_add

DSO C: doc_id, contract_id, discount_rate

DSO X: doc_id, item_id, customer_id, delivery_add, amount, contract_id, discount_rate

Is it possible to trigger a lookup in DSO A if there are changed records in DSO C?

Could you please provide some info on this type of delta scenario?

Thanks in advance.