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Jun 30, 2011 at 08:48 AM

CO background jobs for updating COPA datasource



I have a copa data source which extracts the delta data from ECC on daily basis at 6.30 AM.

On ECC side the last settlement job runs at 6.15 AM(ZNO_CO_STSO).

Now the BI reports shows constanly lower revenu than ECC report (ke30 report)

After doing much of analysis i found that only those postings which are settled around 2 am to 3 am are captured in BI.

Rest of the postings which are setteled after 6.15 am are captured in next days Delta data load.

The settlement job(CO job) ZNO_CO_STSO which runs in ECC at 6.15 hardly takes 10 mins to finish. In BI we start the copa data load at 6.30.

So i think all the transactions should be captured in BI and hence ECC and BI reports should show same values.

How much time it takes to fill the delta queqe in ECC after settlement jobs are finished. Could it be possible that we start extraction in BI before the data ia updated in ECC????

Or is there any other job which we have to run in ECC after settlement jobs so that the data is updated in ECC tables??