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Jun 30, 2011 at 07:02 AM

financial report template - missing GL account


Dear Expert,

I did create one financial profit template. Then I play around to change the location for certain GL code.

Unfortunately, I forget to remove the GL Code from Account Category - Details, I just right click --> Advanced -> Delete Account.

After that, when i add new category, and want to add the GL code that i deleted the account just now, system prompt a error message red color at the bottom mentioned : "In Account Number field - Enter account number not in used."

But, how do I search back the account number, and how to delete the account number from Account Category - Details, because if I re-create again the same category, the Account Category - Details screen show blank, there is no GL Code to delete.

So, i'm stuck, I cannot delete the GL Code from account category details, and I also cannot add the GL Code to another category.

If anyone have similar problem, kindly help me.

Thanks in advanced for any reply and really appriciate it.