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Jun 30, 2011 at 06:48 AM

Dynamic loading of hierarchies


Hello guys,

I am running a program that triggers one InfoPackage that dynamically loads hierarchies.

The selection of hierarchies to be loaded happens through a list of available hierarchies in a different InfoObject. The selections are set by the program. The hierarchy itself is then created from data that is stored within a DSO inside the customer exit. This process works fine for hierarchies that have already been loaded previously.

Hierarchies that are new in the source InfoObject are created in the target InfoObject by the program. This part also works well.

The problem comes in with loading those newly created hierarchies. They start out being empty. The program calls the function module


and tries to fill them. But the hierarchy is not being loaded.

It requires that the 'relevant for BW' flag for the newly created hierarchy is being set in the 'Hierarchy Selection' tab of the InfoPackage.

Now the issue I am having is: I am not able to set this flag within the program. This information does not seem to be part of the RSLDPSEL table. So I have a manual step that needs to be executed every time a new hierarchy is available in the source InfoObject.

Does anyone of you know where this information is stored or how this problem can be circumvented?

Thank you.

Best Regards,