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Dec 28, 2004 at 04:14 PM

create JCO Connections



I have a question about groups and roles and authorizations....

We are creating JCO connections in the Content Administrator but if I logon with j233_admin everything is OK.

If I logon with another user (SAP_ALL), I could not create the JCO Connections because it says that could not establish SDL connection.

If i try to logon to the SLD Server, it says No Authorization.

I think to assign the group SAP_SLD_CONFIGURATOR or SAP_SLD_DEVELOPER. Is it possible ?? Or just I can create JCO Connections with J2EE_ADMIn user (J2EE administrator)??

And another thing, it is the same if I want to logon the start page J2EE Engine (host:50000)

What group or role I have to assign another users ??

Thank you everybody !!