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Jun 30, 2011 at 12:51 AM

error in applying note 1417025


Hi Experts,

I wish this is the right category to ask this question.

I have a trouble applying a note 1417025.

I tried to import transport files offered by SAP -- L7DK132783.SAR and L7DK132784.SAR --- but following errors occurs.


transport : L7DK132783

system : j11

tp : tp

version and release : 372.04.71 700

table CLS_ASSIGNMENT is not in Nametab

table CLS_ASSIGNMENT is not in Nametab

return code : 8


(original is in Japanese)

I had applied related notes but still errors occur .( related notes are not transported yet).

Also, there are strange objects in L7DK132783:

R3TR AVAS E494414BF7B17F38E10000000A114C30

R3TR AVAS E694414BF7B17F38E10000000A114C30

there is no object type such as AVAS in my environment, I think I missed to apply some notes before but I couldn't find them out.

How can I solve this problem?