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Jun 29, 2011 at 03:19 PM

Using Multiprovider in Open Hub


Hello Experts,

I want to create a Open Hub Destination with characteristics and keyfigures from two different cubes. Most of the data is coming from one cube but there are 3 keyfigures that i need to pull from a different cube. When I create the OHD the drop down box does not give an option for Multiprovider but I have read in SAP literature that a Multiprovider can be configured to be used as a template for OHD. Or we cannot use multiprovider as a template for OHD becasue it does not hold actual pysical data.

Do anyone of you have any knowledge on this subject and also can you recommend an alternative solution to what I am trying to accomplish.

I know I can create an open hub destination without using an infoprovider for a template and manually create the keyfields, but when I do that some of the keyfigures which are listed as navigation attributes in the cubes are not being recognized.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.