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Jun 29, 2011 at 02:35 PM



Hi folks,

I'm facing out an issue with PPOMA_CRM and the business partner based SOLMAN_WORKCENTER.

I've created the org unit Z_CAB_1 business partner 51 and assigned a position Z_CAB_3 with 2 employees,

business partner 31 and 54.

If I assign the Z_CAB_1 to a SDCR transaction in the field Change Advisory Board, the users with

business partner 31 and 54 can select the SDCR by using the transaction CRM_DNO_MONITOR

selection My Team(s) or direct by the business partner 51. In the SOLMAN_WORKCENTER both

users can't see the SDCR. I know that the workcenter applications are based on the users business

partner ID, but is there a possibility to display a org unit at the workcenter of more then one user?

Our change advisory board has 5 members. My goal is that i can make one entry in the field

Change Advisory Board in SDCR and all 5 members can see this entry at there workcenter

Change Management -> Change Requests -> Change Advisory Board.

At the moment (with the setup I described above) they can only select the SDCRs by using


Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Matthias Sander