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Jun 29, 2011 at 09:13 AM

Adding external ODBC drivers to PI 7.3 - how is it done?



I am working on a project where we have just installed PI 7.3 following it's release out of Ramp Up.

We had installed PI 7.1 initially in a dual stack for testing purposes, one of which was investigating performing ODBC calls from PI into an iSeries server with DB2/400. On the 7.1 system I followed the guide written by Sandeep Sharma ( and this worked fine.

Now we have decided to implement PI 7.3 Java stack only, as the landscape that we will rollout with. However when I came to implement the jt400.jar file to allow the ODBC calls for the iSeries in PI 7.3 I discovered that the file that the 7.1 guide recommended to be updated is not available in 7.3

I'm looking for assistance from anyone who has applied additional driver files to a PI 7.3 system, or at least pointers as to the appropriate files to update in this situation.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Jackson