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Jun 29, 2011 at 06:00 AM

Issue:- Synchronizing data (Merge) from 2 queries into 1 report



I want to put different data fields from different tables in the same universe in 1 document, I have tried to do this with the same table in the universe to see if I can get a simple merge to work but that is giving me an error. I want to have different sources of data to be displayed in the same results table.

I am getting an error message when I try and add fields that are not in the second query (see below), I get this following error in each field


In Edit view I have created 2 queries both from the same universe, they are based on the same table so I have no issue with the datatypes

Query 1 :

Field1 u2013

Field2 u2013 Serial Number


Field1 u2013

Field2 u2013 Model

Field3 u2013 Delivery date

When select the following fields and drag them into the documents data is retrieved:-

Query 1 -

Query 2 - Model

Query 2 - Delivery date

However, when I select the following fields I get an error message in each field u201C#DataSyncu201D

Query 1 -

Query 1 - Serial Number

Query 2 - Model

Query 2 - Delivery date

I have checked the merge dimension and it is based on the relationship between Query1 u2013 and Query2 u2013 I have also check and unchecked the u201CExtend merge dimension valueu2019 and this makes no difference.

Not sure what the underlying issue is and how I can make this work.

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