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Jun 29, 2011 at 04:09 AM

Issue with label printing for chinese characters using SAP script



I have requirement to print chinese characters on label print out.

Here are the steps already tried:

1) Created a new device type which is copy if ASCIIPRI and character set 8400

2) Font ANDALE_S, CNHEI. CNSONG are assigned to device type, same fonts called in SAP script.

3) But during the print, it is picking COURIER font(observed in spool RAW data)

4) I put ZPL codes CW1,B:MSUNG.FNTFS in beginning of script and also ^A@N,50,50,B:MSUNG.FNT while prining actual chinese text in SAP script.

5) also tried other device types assigned to printer LZEBU2, LB_ZEB2 etc.,

6) already checked at printer DIMM level, SIMSUN, ANDALE_S fonts are already installed

So far no option worked, it default to Courier fonts while printing and it results garbage characters.

If anyone has any idea please advice.

thank you,