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Jun 29, 2011 at 02:28 AM

Issue in PDT of PR generated from MRP


Hi All,

We had a issue in the PR generated from MRP. Actually the Planned delivery time(PDT) of the PR(Purchase requisition) is supposed to pick from the PIR(Purchase info record) for the given material if PIR is existing, instead the PR generated from the MRP is picking the PDT that is maintained in the Material master. After our analysis, we are seeing that Purchase Organisation details is not mentioned in the PR and this PR is created from the MRP. How to ensure the Purchase organisation details are to be picked for the PR that is generated from the MRP run so that PDT from the PIR is picked up for the PR instead of PDT of material master. Can anyone suggest us does we need to maintain any setting in MRP Run?. How can we avoid this issue.

Thanks in advance.