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Jun 29, 2011 at 02:28 AM

ajax masthead changes not reflected



I have to make changes to the AJAX Masthead Par to change the logo and other color formats.

I cannot use the portal theme editor for the same as there are lots of different things that need to be changed.

I have downloaded the par from ROOT/WEB-INF/deployment/temp/

when i click on view, it gives me a zip file which i downloaded to my system and renamed it as .par .

I have imported the par file into NWDS using File->Import and i can see all the contents in the NWDS.

Now i have added the missing jar files.

I have added the new logo image under images folder . Then, in masthead.css instead of standard image path i gave my imagepath as /irj/portalapps/par2project/images/HGRS_LOGO_MAS_RGB_S.gif.

saved my work and selected the File -> Quick Par Upload and noted the location and have done a manual par upload to portal using system admin tab.

I created a new iview with the new par partest1. I have added this iview to default ajax framework page and have hidden the standard masthead iview.

But still i see the sap's logo and not my custom logo when i tried to preview it.

I did not change anything in portalapp.xml as i didn;t have to. I have no clue on why this is not reflected.

can anyone please help me with this.