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Jun 28, 2011 at 04:55 PM

How to Web Service Generator ..



My question might sound Silly, but i need this info..

i had this PI guy coming to me and saying me to generate a webservice so that he can use it in PI.

I have MDM repository ready.

My Understanding is..

WSG is a URL where i mention the details of mdm server, repository name, table and fields(create, update options selected), at the end it will say, web service generated successfully.

Here, Should i need to download the webservice(i guess it will be a .EAR file !! But Not sure) and provide that file to the PI team so that they deploy it and run it in PI !!! is this right???

Questrion 2-

Not sure how i get acces to this webservice generator, what i have done is ...

asked the basis team to provide access and URL for WSG..

i got URL..

The problem is even the basis does not know what WSG mean..they just throwed this..

Is this the right one that i need to use for generating WS for my requirement above??

In one of the documentation i learnt that WS can be generated through the following URL .. http://SERVER:PORT/mdm/wsgenerator

(i tried this: page cannot be opened)

Which one is the right one??

Can anyone please Throw some light..

Kind Regards