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Dec 23, 2004 at 05:28 AM




I have issue in BEx, i have one characterstic(version) with selected lowercase letters and data is loading from r/3 and flatfile,on this characterstic have created 7 variables in report level, in selecction screen if i enter in small letters it should be able to fetch data from database,because of my master data all are in captial letters out of 20, 2 of small letters,so i can write userexits for variable,but my problem is for every variable i couldn't write this code and it will be more complexity to change variable in every report,

even in infoobject level it doesn't allow to uncheck lowercase letter option,none of this if there is any option convert from lowecase letter to uppercase in report level without exits,plz let me know,

i would appriciate if anybody help me,

this is urgent requirement