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Jun 27, 2011 at 06:13 PM

How to access dependent bol object


hi experts,

1. I have created a dependent bol object(ZEEWNODE) under root object BuilHeader,using EEWB.

A component BP_EEW and a context node EEWNODE(custom controller) is generated by EEWB and is been displayed on BP_Head.

Now I need to access this entity, for enabling the feilds using a edit button,which I have created in do_prepare_output.

I have created a view 'CXO' and context node 'IPAD' of model node ZEEWODE.

When I try to access this entity wrtiing this code:

lr_enity ?= me->typed_context->IPAD->collection_wrapper->get_current( )

lr_entity is null,so I am unbale to determinewhether the entity is locked and set the feilds editable

I am trying to dispaly a FORM view.

2. Also if there can be any way to convert a table view to a Form view,then also I can resolve my issue.

please help