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Dec 22, 2004 at 06:01 PM

Problem CM6SP2PATCH5



I have deployed patch5 for EP6SP2. After that I have upgraded DB and now I have pathced KMC.

But I have a lot of these errors:

Dec 22, 2004 6:49:58 PM [System_Thread_56] Warning": Upgrading Configuration Archive named "" with version ""

Dec 22, 2004 6:50:20 PM [System_Thread_56] Warning": Configuration upgrade completed

Dec 22, 2004 6:50:20 PM ...ortals.portal.prt.service.config.UpgraderBridge [System_Thread_56] Warning": The import preview of the config archive: reported 2 error(s). Check the report for more details.

Dec 22, 2004 6:50:26 PM ...sapportals.config.fwk.meta.MetaConfigManager_V2 [System_Thread_56] Warning": [metaconfigmanager_v2_config://local] [] has a dependency on [archive:coll.appl.base.sor, version:0.0] that is missing !

Dec 22, 2004 6:50:27 PM ...rtal.prt.service.config.ConfigDeploymentService [System_Thread_56] Warning": Processing upgrade: 53 out of 67. Config archive: coll.appl.rtc.configuration

The patch has finished successfully. What should I do?


Kind Regards,

Olaf Reiss