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Jun 27, 2011 at 07:54 AM

Transaction EA00 Billing of a contract


Hi ABAPers!!

I'm working on the billing of a contract, I'm using the transaction EA00, But the results are incorrect.

I provide the installation, I execute the transaction, I click on the button "Show document", In the "Synthèse" tab the columns, QntOld, QntNew and Quantity to be billed in the ALV returns incorrect results.

I did some analyses and I've found this :

- At the FM "ISU_IUMWA_Construct", the form "Conv_Exec"

QntOld = Stand - StandVor.

QntNew = QntOld.

- STAND = Consum_gewverf * weight_of_mr.

- Consum_gewverf = y_consum_real / y_total_weight.

- The values of y_consum_real and y_total_weight are provided by the FM ISU_EGVB_DETERMINE while the value of weight_of_mr provided by the FM ISU_WEIGHTING_DETERMINE.

Can anybody help me?

cuz I was working on this anomaly during all the past week and I feel that I'm lost in the standard code.

Thanks in advance.