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Dec 22, 2004 at 10:15 AM

SDN RSS not working properly?



I encounter some problems with reading the forums via RSS:

- the weblogs RSS feed lists all items with "no subject" and the items themself only show the navigation frames but no content.

- all forums seem to have the same title. This makes that when retrieving the posts all gets in the same folder. It also difficult to manage the subscriptions if they have all the same title.

- I would like to see the real names of posters instead of userids.

As item in my wishlist I could like that the userid/password info would be used when one wants to reply on an RSS feed. Speaking of this. It would be more than nice that SDN would use the SAP passport technology as in the service marketplace. A synchronisation of userid and SSO between the several portals would be more than welcome. I need to login differently on the three main portals.


I'm using Thunderbird as RSS reader.