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Jun 27, 2011 at 12:35 AM

DB can't start, dbmcli hangs while db_online


Hey people, i create this thread in order to get some help due a DB crash while doing an automated backup which failed. The main problem is when i do db_online which its triggers up to the Utility process and then it starts to increase the wait counter (watched by active tasks). If i do db_admin the db starts and returns me the prompt control but not with db_online (or any command which involves doing admin tasks with the database).

Before that i've added a volume because the state of mostly of the tasks were db_full, after that the db_full state dissapeared but it stills hangs me the engine.

Fuhermore, i've told the operator to restore a working backup and it returns "size limit" which i'll research the monday.

I can paste the whole logs from the /wrk folder.

I appreaciate the help since it's a production db and the app is down since June 13th