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Jun 27, 2011 at 12:57 AM

Date Range



I have a Main report which has all its data coming from the subreport(detail section of Main report is suppressed) placed in the report footer section. I have 3 such subreports and all teh data is coming from single table. I have written an SQL command for all 3 subreports to extract data.

Now I want to provide an option for user to select the start and end date. So this will be done using prompts . The table has only one single date field (START_DATE) . So basically both start date and end date would come from a single column.

How do I display the date (both start and end) in the main report so that we getto know the period for which the report is run??

Also since all the data is coming from teh subreports(SQL) , I presume i have to pass this date selected by user , from main report to all the subreports inorder to select only the data corresponding to that date.

Please let me know the steps and the formulas on how to do this.

Thanks in Anticipation.