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Jun 24, 2011 at 02:59 PM

Live Office SP3.4/Office 2010 - Live Office objects disappear on conversion


I am testing Live Office XI 3.1 FP3.4 on a Windows 7 laptop with Office 2010 installed and have a question.

I take an Excel 2003 file (XLS) file that has Live Office connections and open it in Office 2010. Then I save as an XLSX file. While saving I get a message that states:

"The name, [1]_1_CRADDIN_DataGrid, either conflicts with a valid range reference of is invalid for Excel. The name has been replaced with 11__1_CRADDIN_DataGrid. You may still need to manually update any references to this name used in VBA code or as text arguements in functions. You must close and reopen the workbook before these changes take effect."

I complete the save then close and reopen the file. When I go check for my Live Office objects, they seem to have disappeared (meaning I right click on what used to be a Live Office object, but I no longer see Live Office on the popup menu).

Can't I convert my old data models to the new excel format? I am doing this because the XLF is taking a LONG time to open in Xcelsius 2008 SP4 with multiple server busy messages. I thought updating the Excel file might speed things up but since the Live Office objects are disappearing from my spreadsheet this is not working as expected.

If any pointers can be given that would be great. If I have missed any documenation that may help me out, please let me know. I checked the Live Office documentation and the highest thing for XI 3.1 I see is SP3, no FP3.4 (or even SP4).