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Jun 24, 2011 at 10:39 AM

Java Export hangs at 'Export Java Database Content' phase


Hi All -

As part of system refresh activities,we are doing Java Export from our Production system(PE1) & we will use that export to import it in our Qulaity system(QE1).So while doing Java Export,the export gets stucks/hangs at 'Export Java Database Content" phase which is the last phase in Java Export steps.We have been doing this task since many years & we did not encounter this kind of issue ever.There are no errors or at least warnings in the logs like sapinst_dev.log,jload.log,,sapinst.log etc.Our environment details are as below

EP -6.0

OS - AIX 5.3,64 BIT


SAPINST version - 642

Java version is below

pe1adm> java -fullversion

java full version "J2RE 1.4.2 IBM AIX 5L for PowerPC (64 bit JVM) build caix64142ifx-20100918 (SR13 FP6)"

Please note with the SAPINST we are using currently, the exports of remaining systems in EP & other solutions like ECC,CR,SRM,XI,BI are successfull.We are having this issue only in PE1.Looks like some bug in code.So request the experts in this forum to please take a look at it & provide me with solution if any of you have faced the similar situation.

Thanks & regards,