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Jun 24, 2011 at 08:39 AM

Creating Hyperlink to Another Report in Same Document



Is it possible to create a hyperlink from a cell in one report, to another report in the same WebI document, that doesn't involve the entire reloading of the document.

Also, I want to be able to pass through a filter value.

The reason for the request is we have a report which list certain information about an article. The 2nd report (still in the same WebI document) lists all sorts of other information about the article. The 2nd report contains a lot of information about the article, which doesn't make sense including in the 1st report.

I can create a hyperlink on the article number, which uses the OpenDoc functionality to reload the report and navigate to the 2nd tab (report). If the article number is provided as a prompt on the query, then the data is filtered according to the selected article. That works, but it is not nice, as the report has to reload, and when you click on the tab to go back to the 1st report, that article prompt has been applied there as well.

To get rid of that last error, we could conceivably create 2 queries, 1 for each of the reports, and only have the article input prompt on the 2nd query ... getting messy though.

I would prefer to pass the article number and have that applied to the filter on the 2nd report ... doesn't seem possible in OpenDoc format though, unless I just can't find the querystring parameter to use.

Is there not a way of linking to the tab, without reloading the whole document?