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Jun 24, 2011 at 07:45 AM

Customizing Launchpad im PLM 7 - switch to transaction and closing the new



I have the following problem:

We want to establish the WebUI for PLM 7 in our company step by step. At first, we want to rollout the NWBC for Windows with a user role that provides the SAP standard control center with the object independent search and the personal list of objects. If you click on a link to an object in the hit list of the search, you normally jump to the corresponding WebUI of the object. In difference to this behavior, I configured in the launchpad (TA lpd_cust) that the system opens the u201Coldu201D transaction in a new window instead of opening the WebUI, for example the transaction mm03 for u201Cdisplay materialu201D. This works fine, but when I close the window I get a popup with the error message u201CThe transaction was terminated by the useru201D.

My question: Is there a possibility to avoid this error message?

kind regards,