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Jun 23, 2011 at 03:53 PM



Hi team,

I have a problem in deconsolidation that deconsolidation WT s are not getting created , even thou the IB02 (deconsolidation) step maintained in Process step.Please provide your thoughts on this

I have created an inbound delivery with HU (which has 2 products packed) .

I have activated Yard management so, I crated a Transport unit (TU) and assigned Inbound Delivery -then check point assignment-received in Yard Bin and WT created and confirmed.

Unload step,WT created for IB01(unloading HU ). in this step as per the config, WPT ( WH Process type) is taken as 3065 and Material moved to ST 8010(which is assigned to DEKO work center) but there is no further tasks (another 2 Tasks) created to do the deconsolidation

Is there any step missed by us, Please guide in this...