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Jun 23, 2011 at 01:11 PM

LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC BAdi implementation - capture delivery item change


Hi Community Members,

I am recently working on enhancement which is going to forbid quantity changes for delivery line items

if corresponding PO line item is blocked or deleted.

To do this I want to use BAdi LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC (Enhancements in Delivery Processing)

One of methods PUBLISH_DELIVERY_ITEM imports 2 internal tables:

IT_XLIPS Current Status of Delivery Items

IT_YLIPS Database Status: Delivery Items

Inside the method I am checking if recent quantity value (IT_XLIPS-LFIMG) is not equal to the one from database (IT_YLIPS-LFIMG). If so then I throw error.

Everything is ok, but I have encountered a strange behavior.

For example when I change delivery item quantity (LFIMG, for example 1->2 ) and then go back to the initial value (2->1)...

The problem is that when entering the method (debugger) I can see inside IT_XLIPS that LFIMG is updated, but Gross/Net weigth and volume fields still have old values (NTGEW, BRGEW, VOLUM).

That is a problem because highly possible is that after quantity field customer will also want to validate weight and volume fields.

Moreover I also checked FILL_DELIVERY_ITEM and CHANGE_DELIVERY_ITEM methods of BAdi mentioned. In all of them weight/volume (and probably other fields also) behave the same.

Could you share your comments on this issue please?

What would you recommend to do to enable such validation?

Kind Regards,