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Jun 22, 2011 at 07:42 PM

Range issue


I am working on a piece of code:

we have a custom table ZVEND_DETAILwhich has the following fields:

1. Vend_num1_From

2. Vend_Num1_To

3. Vend_num2_From

4. Vend_num2_TO

5. Zcode

now the user will enter the above fields on the screen and I need to check what user entered is in this table or not, if not then throw an error.

the input fields for user are:


Vend_num1_From  Vend_num2_TO  Vend_num1_From    Vend_num2_To
12              20                    1                     5
10              15                    2                     2
10              10                    1                     1
20              25                    6                     10

so if the user enters any of the above mentioned value, it's a correct value

So basically what I need to see whatever user enters should be validated against this table All the records are unique, I am not able to build this logic, can you please help me on how to start this.

Your help is appreciated.


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