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Jun 22, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Call Horizon - Order


Hello All,

I have one query regarding call horizon set and PR released.

In our case let say maintance plan is schedule for time frame 6 months and call horizon is set as 90 percent.

Now what i understood is 90 percent of 6 months will be aprox 15 days. So 15 days before call will be done and order will issued for component.

In this e.g we need to replace say belt(component) after every six months. Item category is L as its stock item.

MRP is run daily but system is just reserving the items not creating PR. Is it dependent on Planned delivery time.

( MRP here is manual MRP run ). Because if 5 days is planned delivery time set then system is creating PR only when it falls under those 5 days. Correct me if i am wrong. How can i make arrnagement that system should crete PR immediately 15 days ..

Because its just reserving not creating PR. I am hoping that its depenedent on plan delivery time. Also wanted to any dates required to be chnaged in order.?


Himanshu Nijhawan