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Jun 22, 2011 at 10:20 AM

Terminating the processing of FTP file adapter



We are using a FTP file adapter to connect to a external file server to download some response files. We do a listing to search and download set of files starting with specified file name schema. We have an issue that the client complains that occasionally a 1) CWD and 2) PASV command is not followed up by its corresponding 3) NLST command. The result is the data port that the server decides to open as a result of the PASV command is not closed since it wasn't actually used. As this FTP session continues to run continuously , and since the initial connection is never closed. This result in port being opened.

How we can check the what commands the adapter execute on the client server while processing this connection?

Is it possible to set some parameters within the ftp adapter to terminate the programme after adapter has done the file listing and download the files. Aslo we would like the programme to terminate after listing if no files can be found and terminating the connection to release the port.

Could some one help on this?