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Jun 22, 2011 at 09:22 AM

Error in KE27 - run for trading goods


Dear gurus!

i have a error when i run KE27.

Current, my customer don't have production activity. In SAP system, we activated Material Ledger. in period, i wanna run Periodic valuation (KE27) for all trading goods. (Note that we don't have finished good because not have production, customer just sell trading goods)

I configured some steps follow:

1. Define and Assign Valuation Strategy (in this step, i wonder that which valuation strategy is user for valuation for trading goods)

- valuation trategy : 001

- sequence material costing quantity field

10 x VV099

- assignment of valuation strategy

point of valuation record type valuation strategy

02 F 001

2. Define Access to Actual Costing/Material Ledger

Costing key - 01

0 legal valuation

1. only trasfer total cost

periodic a/c line item

3. Assign Costing Keys to Material Types

point of valuation record type Material type Valid to costing key 1

02 F HAWA 31.12.9999 01

Then, after run period closing in Material ledger, i run KE27 to periodic valuation , but system get error:

" Message no. KE435 - Costing key 01 does not exist

In Profitability Analysis, the system tried to valuate by reading a product cost estimate. The Customizing settings in CO-PA call for valuation using costing key 01.

This costing key is not defined "

explicitly, i maintained costing key and assigned this to trading goods - material type.

Please, help to fix it!

any idea is appreciated.