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Jun 22, 2011 at 08:59 AM

Erro Oracle 00020: Maximum connections execeeded (150) in RAR


Hi All,

I have been experiencing some problem from past 1 week. The problem is that, we have scheduled background jobs in RAR. These jobs are getting status error after sometime. When I checked the logs, I found that it repeatedly gave the below error:

Got minus one from a read call

Upon further investigation, I found that it is causing because of Oracle error:

Ora:00020: Maximum number of processes exeeced (150)

When i got this error, I tried to log onto Oracle, but it did not allow and refused the connection. When I restarted the J2EE server where these GRC applications are installed, it freed all the processes and allowed me to log onto oracle using SLQ.

We have standard setting 150 processes at DB level and based upon the SAP recommendations, we maintained 100 as the Max. connections in JCO Pool Connection for each JCO connections.

I have gone through the SAP notes which suggests us to increase the number work processes at DB level. My question is:

How many number of work processes should I increase to? What is the correct calculation?

What is the guarantee that the increased number of work processes at DB level will not cause this error in future?

How to control the user session?

How to monitor the user sessions from GRC applications?

May somebody suggest?