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Jun 22, 2011 at 05:16 AM

Learners Qualification Report - does one exist?



Does anyone know if there is a standard HR or LSO report which can be used to report on Person's Qualifications?

We SPECIFICALLY want to only look at certain qualifications (not all of them) so the report would require a field where you can choose which qual/s you want to report on.

Must also be able to report on individual or an Org Unit.

ie. Run a report on "Org Unit A" with "Qualification B". Report shows everyone in that Org Unit who has achieved that specific qualification.

There is a standard report call Attendees Qualifications (TCODE: S_PH9_46000429). This is pretty close, however the major downside is that is show's ALL qualifications can't input a specific qual number to report on.

Anyone know if such a thing exists?

Otherwise I may have to look at creating a query based on table HRP1001.