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Jun 21, 2011 at 09:21 PM

Passing values from main to external window in webdynpro abap


Hi Experts,

I have a web dynpro application that has 2 views. Main view calls second on button submit that opens in external window. I am going to use this in MSSportal application. I have done tons of research here and tried everything. Here is what I have done so far.

1) Created application_parameter "iv_user=<User.LogonUid>" in iview.

2) Added iv_user parameter to handeldfault method of MAIN view.

3) Now I want to pass this userid to external window, I tried setting session cookies but did not work.

CALL METHOD cl_bsp_server_side_cookie=>set_server_cookie


name = 'USER'

application_name = "my web dynpro application name"

application_namespace = 'SAP'

username = sy-uname

session_id = space

data_name = 'USERID'

data_value = iv_user from above

expiry_time_rel = 3600.

I used get_server_cookie passing the same information above but I am not getting any value back.

4) I tried URL approach and added paramter to my second web dynpro applciation that I open in external window. I am not sure how to retrieve this paramter in external window.

I spent almost whole day trying to resolve this but no luck and decided to send this post. Please forward me any information you can to resolve this issue.