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Jun 21, 2011 at 12:26 PM

SNP Heuristic - demand split


Hi Experts,

I use SNP Heuristic to plan my critical components based on the FG forecasts. There is a scenario wherein we have 2 FGs ex. FG1 and FG2 and both have the same component SFG1. SFG1 has two BOMs, Alt BOM1 with component RM1 and alt BOM 2 with RM2. So SFG1 has two PDS, PDS1 and PDS2. Now when there is a demand on FG1 the system should plan FG1 ---> SFG1 ---> 'RM1'. Similarly when there is a demand on FG2 system should inturn plan the SFG1 but here plan RM2, i.e, FG2 ---> SFG1 ---> 'RM2'

Additional info, planning happens together for all FGs hence there is no option of lock/ unlocking the relevant Prod version. The demand on RM1 and RM2 should be transcended proportional to FG1 and FG2 demand respectively. This might sound a bit Hypothetical but I was wondering is there a way in which this can be approached with APO Heuristic or other engines ? Your suggestions please.