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Jun 21, 2011 at 10:23 AM

Why demand get trigger at other plant MD04 screen?


Dear all,

I have a question. When I open up my MD04 for a material and plant at our distribution plant (A), I saw two purchasing requisition (with item category M) and with its subsequent production order respectively


The problem is that orders placed on our sales company plant in plant B generate a production order at the distribution plant A. When I look at the two sales orders with type OR (i.e. sales order that trigger the two PR respectively), the delivery plant field in these two sales orders are plant B (i.e. sales plant we called it, basically VBAP-WERKS). And once it is saved, there is schedule line of CB.

For some reason, when MRP run at plant B, the demand get populate at MD04 screen at the distribution plant A when the VBAP-WERKS only mention the sales plant B.