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Former Member
Jun 21, 2011 at 08:53 AM

COPA - SD Condition Type value flow into COPA +/- Sign


Dear Members

I read the notes 52849 & 33178 but still have a question -

In my case the sales order is type ZXX3 (return w/o reference). The customer makes order of the said type via VA01, then creates outbound delivery via VL01N, then releases billing block via VA02 and finally creates billing document via VF01.

In VA01 there are two condition types ZXX7(discount) - Rs 200 & ZXX8(discount margin) - Rs. 100 appearing with a negative sign in condition value. When the customer makes the billing document via VF01he manually enters one more condition type ZXX9 (extra discount / surcharge) + Rs. 50 ..for this scenario its sort of discount received back / surcharge). Hence in the billing document the above two conditions ZXX7 & ZXX8 are deducted and ZXX9 is added.(-200-100+50 = -250)

Presently in KE24 for this billing document the discounts appear as - xxx (discount) -xxx (discount margin & -xxx (surcharge)... The issue here is surcharge though positive is getting added up and only one consolidated figure is coming (-350)

I checked the transfer +/- checkbox in KE4I for ZXX7 & ZXX8 and then rechecked. The netting is being done but the negative sign does not appear now which is wierd. (250)

Can you let me know whether the values appearing in COPA after changing the setting are correct or not. I use ECC6