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Jun 21, 2011 at 06:26 AM

Reconcile Accounts Based COPA with FI


Dear Experts,

My client needs material wise, customer wise, Sales Area-wise, region wise etc profitability report. The only way to achieve this is through COPA.I have confusion whether to go for Costing based COPA (CBC) or Accounts based COPA (ABC).

I am afraid of CBC because reports from CBC do not automatically reconcile with FI and I will have a life long task of explaining the difference to management. I have seen clients scarpping CBC because at the end CBC works on calculated values which cannot inherently tally with FI and soon management stops trusting CBC. Moreover Gross Profit level figures for each characteristics can be obtained straight from LIS instead of going for CBC.

I am sure that ABC will reconcile with FI. I presume that this will happen ONLY if field status group of all cost and revenue accounts have been configured to mandate posting to PSG. Else even ABC will not reconicle with FI. My question is If I mandate PSG for all cost/revenue posting then I fear that automatic postings coming from MM/HR will go into error. How do we handle this and achieve ABC = FI.

If anyone has come across ABC to FI reconcilation error/issues I would like take their guidance before I move forward.


Deepak Saxena