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Dec 16, 2004 at 04:45 PM

How do I deploy the SQLServer 2000 JDBC Driver?


Hi all,

I created a datasource through the visual admin, added the three jar files associated with the MS SQLServer 2000 jdbc driver to the datasource, saved, and then bounce the J2EE server.

In the Integration Directory I configured the driver to

be <b></b>.

When calling the JDBC Adapter, I get the following error: JDBC Adapter Receiver Channel jdbcSCADA: Configuration not initialized due to Loading jdbc <b>driver ''</b> failed: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Found in negative cache -

Loader Info -

ClassLoader name: [] Parent loader name: [Frame ClassLoader] References: common:service:iiop;service:naming;service:p4;service:ts;;library:security.class;library:webservices_lib;;service:connector;service:dbpool;service:keystore;service:security;service:userstore library:ejb20 library:sapxmltoolkit library:jms Resources: /usr/sap/XID/DVEBMGS00/j2ee/cluster/server0/bin/services/ Loading model: {parent,local,references} -

Available JDBC drivers: No deployed JDBC Drivers

As you can see in the error, the jdbc driver is trying to load the SQLServerDriver class but can't find it. Is there anything besides adding a datasource I need to do for the JDBC driver to find the SQLServerDriver class?