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Jun 20, 2011 at 04:32 PM

Changing the InfoView website address that is displayed


I'd like to change the website name that is displayed when people log onto Infoview.

I have a 4 server clustered environment, and each server is running Apache and TomCat. The sequence of events is:

user types in Infoview address in form http://myinfoview

Apache translates this to

The network load balancer then redirects it to anyone of the 4 servers that is up, on a round-robin basis.

Tomcat responds to the request and redirects the users to

(where serverX is serverA thru D)

This presents the user with the name of the server in the webaddress at the top - I'd like to always present the user with the same web address, etc no matter what server they are on, rather than presenting the individual server names.

I've tried changing the ROOT\index.html file to point to http://myinfoview:8080/InfoViewApp rather than http://serverX:8080/InfoViewApp, and this works, until you try and do anything - I just keep getting TimeOut messages.

I've tried using a relative path instead of using the FQDN (so doing a rediorect to /InfoViewApp), but this also gave me a timeout message.

I've added the required domain to the HOSTS file on the server. I've tried adding a virtual host to the Tomcat 5.5 CONF/Server.xml file, and this also kept giving me "A timeout has occurred" message.

What I'm wanting shouldn't be too hard to do, but I can't quite get it working. Has anyone who has done this and got it working, give me some pointers on what I'm missing?

Summary of my setup:

BO XI 3.1, SP3, Fixpack 3.5 x 4. All machines are Virtual Servers running identical hardware, with identical installations of BO, with the full suite installed on each server.

Windows 2008 R2 (x64), running Apache on port 80 and TomCat on 8080, using mod_jk with a hardware network load balancer.

FRS is on a network SAN.

Clustering is setup and appears to be working correctly, as loads seem to be balanced across all 4 servers. Windows AD SSO is setup and working correctly.