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Jun 20, 2011 at 03:54 PM

IS-U data export (extraction) for EMIGALL


Hi everybody,

I found few documentation/step-by-step/manuals about tr. EMIGALL (thanks to authors, especially to Fritz), but there is describet just import of data which is, I think, intuitive. But I need to help with data-export from source IS-U system - is there any easy way how to do this (see closer explanation bottom) and, of course, is there any guide/manual describing process?

My probles is that I have one IS-U with data and second, blank IS-U without data. I want to migrate data from first system to second, and I would like to use tr. EMIGALL. There is no connection between those systems (not event in the same network and building VPN between them is not an option), so only possibility is to use files (on source system export into file, and then on target system use import in EMIGALL). On both systems I have administrator privileges and I am allowed to do what I need.