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Former Member
Jun 20, 2011 at 03:23 PM

Issue with MI31 transaction - SM37


Hi All,

When run MI31 transaction we didn't get message "No documents selected" because applicable materials ( 2300 )already counted for the year 2011.

We scheduled a automatic batch job to create PI document for every week and it generates a PI document with 100.

I changed the variant last week 06/16/2011and included the check box " Include Material already counted and Include Batches already counted". The job ran successfully and created a PI document with first 10 items example 1 to 100. The PI document counted and posted.

The batch job ran today and create a PI document with the same 1 to 100 material again.

When I run manually the MI31 transaction it generated 101 to 200 materials.

Could you please help?