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Jun 20, 2011 at 02:03 PM

Set value to a Structure


Hi everybody,

I'm trying to set value to a structure and I don't know which is the problem. the code is the next:

For Each stCampo In Me.aCampos
            Dim s As String
            Dim a As String = stCampo.Nombre
            Dim v As String = stCampo.Valor
            s = oRcs.Fields.Item(stCampo.Nombre).Value.ToString
            'Me.aCampos.Item(0).Valor = "xxxxxxxxxx" 's 'oRcs.Fields.Item(stCampo.Nombre).Value.ToString
            stCampo.Valor = s
            v = stCampo.Valor

I've verified that a has a value

I've verified that v has a value

I've verified that s has a value

When I set s to stCampo.Valor, there isn't any problem. If I try to get de value with v=stCampo.valor, there isn't any problem.

But when i finished, if i try to get de values of Me.aCampos (stcampo.valor), there is anything