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Jun 20, 2011 at 12:10 PM

Multiple attachments for the work item (user decission step)


Hi Experts,

I have a requirement where in I need to attach multiple attachments to the user decision step. I am able to attach the total number of attachments correctly but unfortunately I am able to attach the duplicates (all the attachments are same as first attahment).

Below is the logic I follwed, please correct where I am doing wrong.

For document id there might be multiple attachments.Got all the attachments into an internal table. Loop the table ,convert the data to Xstring and call function module SAP_WAPI_ATTACHMENT_ADD to create the attachment.After the function module is called I am using the macro swc0_create_object to bind the attachment id to the export parameter of my method.

I believe the problem is with the binding of swc0_create_object .

For example : swc0_create_object e_doc_id 'SOFM' ls_att_id-doc_id.

In the above example for e_doc_id I have referred to SWCO_OBJECT which is structure referred to OBJ_RECORD not table type to hold multiple records. Please let me know how can I attach multiple records.

Thanks and Regards,