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Jun 19, 2011 at 12:49 PM

Downpayment Clearing in Logistic Invoice verification


Hi All,

we have activated Business Function " LOG_MMFI_P2P " and

Switch "MM_SFWS_CI_01 - Enhanced Functions in EhP4 for Applications in

Materials Management" using Tcode SFW1. And followed all instructions

documented when activated Business Function " LOG_MMFI_P2P ". The

Busines function is activated to order to clear downpayments at the

time of invoice posting in MIRO or MIR7. When I post the invoice in

MIRO system is posting 2 indepedent document as below.

1. Invoice posting,


Cr Vendor

2. Downpayment Recovery

Dr Vendor

Cr Vendor with SP GL Indicator "C"

My point is, as per the link, it says "You can use the Down Payment Clearing

function to clear down payments that you have posted with reference to

a purchase order without going to the relevant financial accounting

transactions, directly in logistics invoice verification."

But, in my case, the system is not clearing the downpayment but instead

is just posting a Credit memo account entry with SP GL indicator (refer

to th Downpayment Entry).

Please advice if SAP is designed to clear the downpayment in LIV or

just to post the downpayment recovery entry.

If advice on any corrections to be applied.

Best regards

Abishay Solomon