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Dec 15, 2004 at 03:53 PM

SAP sales quotes in PDF via BAPI


We have SAP 4.6C installed at our organisation. I'm currently creating sales quotes via a front-end and .NCo 2.0. I can also retrieve the quote data from another BAPI. This all works great.

Currently we have a mechanism that allows our sales folks to get the quotes in PDF via the SAP GUI. This PDF is emailed to them. The PDF is pre-formatted and has all the legal verbiage too. I would like to retrieve this PDF file via a BAPI (probably a custom one that needs to be created).

From what i've been told by the SAP tech guys at out org that it's probably not possible or they need time to research. They did mention that a quick solution might be to trigger a batch command that will do some emulation and will email that PDF to a certain account (based on a BAPI call where i pass in the quote number and email address).

So my questions:

1. Has anyone tapped into the PDF quote creation process in SAP? Any thoughts on whether it will be possible to do this via a BAPI?

2. Is there anyway to have a BAPI stream back data? I've used those BAPI_DOCUMENT_GET bapis that was really using FTP behind the scenes but i'm talking about getting file data back from the normal RPC.

Any thoughts is much appreciated.