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Jun 17, 2011 at 04:59 PM

Employee load from One Country Grp to Another Country Group in Same Client


Hi Gurus,

Here is my requirement. Appreciate if any one of you can response.

Req: Currently the client have one country grouping 99 and also few other country groupings such as 10, 40 etc..... Country Grouping 99 has few of the countries. Now Client wants to move the employees for one of the country in the country grouping 99 to a new country grouping such as XY.

We created a new country grouping XY and assigned the new personnel areas and company codes to this Country Grouoing XY.

Now we want to move those country specific employees from 99 to XY. Since the employees already reside in the same client ( Production XXX) how to move them to the new structure. They also have the existing personnel number...How to deal with this.

I thought of using Transfer action, org reassignment and few others...But they are relevant for with in same country.

Looking to hear from you.