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Jun 17, 2011 at 04:34 PM

Stock removal from supplying plant



We have done STO between company code to company code. We did delivery and billing and the material has been received by the receiving plant and the invoice entry completed.Total process got completed.

After that there was a need of reversing the delivery. we cancelled the billing, reversed the delivery and subsequently deleted the delivery (by mistake) instead of making changes.

Because of this there is a imbalance now exisitng between supplier and customer in accounting. Anyhow the imbalance can be done adjusted manually by accounts department but the concern is how to remove the stock from the issuing company code plant.

Please note while reversing & deleting the delivery the delivery stock quantity reversed and gone back to the issuing plant. we can't go further to reverse the good receipt of the receiving plant as the stock from the receiving plant already got consumed.

Now my question is how to remove the stock from the issing plant (it is merely showing in stock overview and not physically available, want to get write-off from the issuing plant. Client wants to remove the stock without affecting any account entry. I guess it is impossible.

I am thinking physical inventory, scrapping but these will affect account entries too.

Is there is any way to do the removal of the stock at table level.

Please suggest your expertise ideas...


Rifaie M