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Jun 17, 2011 at 04:37 PM

Number of places after decimals Livecache can store and display



THis is regarding the number of places after the decimal that Livecache can store and display. There has been a previous thread on this. The link to that thread is below


If a Key Figure has a unit, there are two ways of representing it: i) Quan Type with Quan as the Data Type - in this case, the number of decimals in BW will be 3, and, ii) Quan Type with FLTP (float) as the Data Type - in this case, you can have upto 16 places including the decimal.

Let us take the case where we have selected Quan Type and FLTP as the Data Type. Assume that we have a key figure X whose value is 123456789.123456 (this is a total of 16 places including decimal which can be stored and displayed in BW). Now we bring this data into DP Planning Area where the data is stored in Livecache. Livecache has its own data representation and according to documentation (and my testing) is able to store and display data up to a maximum of three places after the decimal.

Consulting note 389760 says the same thing although this is an older note.

One workaround that has been mentioned is to work with a UOM that is coarser than the base UOM (Kilo Gram instead of Gram for example).

Does anyone know of any recent notes / support packages that could change this situation and Livecache can store and display more number of decimal places?

Thanks in advance